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Hello! I live in Upton in Northampton with my wife Fran-we moved from Oxfordshire in 2022. We have four grown up children.

You can see most of my Personal Training qualifications below. I'm constantly adding to them.

I completed an Honours Degree in Applied Chemistry when I was 21 and then spent many years working for a large multinational company, in charge of a small team and travelling extensively to Europe and the US. The travelling began to get a  bit wearing so I left and started a business based on a passion of mine-garden design and landscaping. 

I ran this business successfully for many years but decided on another change after I acted as a  client for my son's Personal Training practical assessment as part of his Sports Science degree. I was fascinated by what I learned about Personal Training and was getting a bit out of shape myself so I studied hard, took my practical and theory exams and here I am - a qualified Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Therapist. 

I have been involved in sport and fitness for nearly 20 years as a qualified coach at Thame Utd FC and Thame Town CC alongside my old day job. I'm currently studying Level 4 Nutrition for Weight Management and Athletic Performance as I want to keep learning and improving. 

My professional philosophy can best be summed up by the word cloud shown below.

I feel that being a Personal Trainer is a vocation rather than a job-I love helping people feel and look healthier and happier.

Contact me now for a no obligation consultation and taster-lets be great together! 

This is what you can expect from me.
Gym Equipments

My qualifications

REPS /CIMSPA Level 3 Personal Trainer
REPS/CIMSPA Level 2 Fitness Instructor
CIMSPA Level 2 Training Older Adults

ECB Level 1 and 2 Certificates in Coaching Cricket
    FA  Level 1 and 2 Certificates in Coaching Football

BSc Hons Applied Chemistry 2:1

Currently Studying
                   Level 4 Nutrition for Weight Management and Athletic Performance

with CIMSPA endorsed CPD in
Advanced Training Systems
Bodyweight Training
Myofascial Release
Hydration and Exercise

Medicine Ball Training

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