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All Bases Covered

  • International 2 inch barbells (6' and 4') with bumper plates up to 120kg

  • Mirafit squat rack with spotter bars

  • Mirafit Studio Pump Bar and Weights

  • Mirafit cable pulley with attachments for various pulldowns and rows

  • Barbell Landmine attachment

  • Dumbbells from 1.5 to 24kg

  • Kettlebells 40,32,28,20,16,12,6kg

  • Slam Balls 10kg and 5kg

  • Pull Up bar

  • TRX Type suspension trainer

  • Abs Roller

  • Battle Rope

  • Mirafit Free Standing Punch Bag

  • Adjustable weightlifting bench

  • Resistance bands

  • JTX Water Rower

  • DKN  XC 190 Cross Trainer

  • Bodymax TM10 Treadmill

  • Wobble Board

  • Stability Ball

  • Myofascial Release Roller

  • Music of your choice streamed (Amazon Unlimited)

  • Variable lighting options

  • Cushioned insulating flooring

  • Toilet and freshen up facilities available

My client Adam going through a cv warm up.
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