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My Services

I have a very well equipped private home gym and I can also come to you if you'd prefer, or we can do a mixture of both. I'm happy to consider online sessions if that works better for you.

I am fully up to date with the most recent advances and regularly attend CPD courses. I have a considerable amount of life experience in a wide variety of situations so am happy to listen to any worries you might have and give advice if appropriate-if you need to vent, I  am  a good listener!  See my About Me page for more and  click here to see my gym equipment list.


My Mission for You

Depending on where you get your information from , getting your training and nutrition right can be very confusing, with lots of contradictory information out there.

I appreciate that everyone is different and that there is no off the shelf programme that will work for everyone. I approach my clients individually and design workout plans based on their starting point, goals, and lifestyle.

As your trainer, I aim to pass on my professional knowledge, giving you the confidence  to help you achieve your goals and get the most out of every workout.

We will track you body metrics and muscle and fat composition along the way so that you can see the effect my programme is having.

Getting into shape and feeling fit and well depends not only upon exercise but also what you eat and drink. Although I cannot give you meal plans I can offer nutritional advice. and recipe ideas.

Home of champions!
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